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Time traveling

You know the question and here I go again with it « what would you ask for if you had three wishes »?

Please, forget about the sempiternal same old trio aka getting freaking rich, world peace (of course but money first, right) and asking for as many whishes as you want.

To be fair I have never thought about it and yet there is one thing I will do without any doubt if I could: to time travel and meet the teenager I was.

I will tell her to spend all the time she can with her grandmothers, to stop struggling for something she has no stranglehold on and to forgive herself.

I won’t tell her about the blood sweat and tears. Nor about the pain and the grief.

But I will say she is doing great.

That she will loose a lot but gain and reach even more.

Would you be in peace if you could have a chat with the younger version of yourself?

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  • Gwen M

    Je crois pour ma part que c’est à la jeune adulte que j’étais, que j’aimerais m’adresser. Je me souviens de craintes en l’avenir et de sempiternels questionnements qui coloraient mon quotidien.

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