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On embracing vulnerability

When it comes to you you deal with it quiet sure it will pass. And sometimes it does.

But when it does not, you try to convince yourself it ain’t nothing but a hard time as we all have to face once in a while.

One step further, you keep on smiling and you realize how good you are to pretend you are ok (or how easy it is to fool someone). Wake up, work, socialize, commute, eat and even repeat. What a wonderful and yet miserable machine.

And as every machine at some point you’ve run out of fuel.

Vulnerability is not a disease but you fear it. It is not contagious but well shared. It has no common features with the monsters under your bed quite the contrary it has your shape, your gaze. It is you. A part of you, but still you.

And if you think it takes courage to embrace your vulnerability, what about trying honesty – honesty with yourself. How you feel and how you want to feel. What you give and what you want to receive.

Honesty does not mean you are right. But it’s a good start to avoid to be or to do wrong.

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