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Killing you softly

Summer, maybe more than New Year, has always seemed to be a season conducive to take a fresh start. « Make a new start », « Start on a good foundation », « Make a clean sweep of the past ».

It is animated with the best intentions that one repeats oneself these words like mantras. This time for sure I will
stop smoking/
do workouts/
eat clean/
criticize less/

If you pay attention at it, when you make the decision to change your life ready to meet the best version of yourself, it will look like a déjà-vu. We have already been there and yet here we are again. Dissatisfaction, discouragement or admission of failure? Maybe it’s not even that.

I am one of those people who believe that anything can change except our intrinsic nature. We can settle, adapt to a situation and to people but we do not change. It’s what we call personality. So it’s quite odd for me to see so many people trying to be what they are not like rap fans while they obviously love pop music or hardened sports aficionados for whom sweatsuit is only worn on sundays at home.

Then they choke while trying to enter into boxes that do not match for them. Their moi is a stranger they kill softly. Why changing when in fact we are not always well aware of who we really are?

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